Our Services

At The Weber Financial Group, we provide assistance with the following services:


INSURANCE                                                  INVESTMENTS            

Disability Income Insurance                            Brokerage Accounts

Life Insurance                                                 Managed Money Accounts

Long Term Care Insurance                             Traditional IRAs

Auto Insurance                                                ROTH IRAs

Homeowners Insurance                                  SEP IRAs

Umbrella Insurance                                         SIMPLE IRAs

                                                                        529 Plans

                                                                        Variable Annuities


FINANCIAL PLANNING                                CORPORATE CLIENTS

Retirement Planning                                       Group Benefit Plans

College Funding                                              401k and Profit Sharing Plans

Estate Planning*                                               Defined Benefit Plans

Tax Reduction Strategies                                Buy-Sell Insurance

Pension Maximization                                     Key Man Insurance

                                                                        Executive Benefits

                                                                        Commercial Liability Insurance

                                                                        Workers Compensation Insurance



Not all products and/or services are offered through MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies.

*Estate Planning services are provided working together with your Estate Planning Attorney, Tax Attorney and/or CPA.  Consult them on specific advice on legal and tax matters.